App crash after Crosswalk and cordova android 4.0.0 upgrade

Hi everyone,

I have a small tab app that uses a bluetooth plugin to read data from an arduino device that worked just fine.

I was testing it on a samsung tablet and it worked just fine.

After upgrading I got a different compiler and my output files were armv7 and x86(emulator version).
So I test the arm apk file, and it works just fine but when I sent it to a friend to test it on his tablet, i got the ‘unfortunately app has stopped’. I couldn’t get him to debug the app in dev mode but I have a feeling I’m getting the ‘cannot create webview’ error, or it might be something else.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem ?

In the meantime I switched to ionic without Crosswalk and everything works just fine, but… i can’t debug app on tablet via chrome dev tools, inspect devices.


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