Create refresh token for authentication

Hey guys.

i’m trying to build a login with the use of device uuid, access token and a refresh token. So far i’ve created a api call to the server, where i get a access token in return. I’ve also got the uuid but doesn’t use it yet.

The access token is bound with JWT with the header, body and footer. As i have seen, the refresh token doesn’t seem that long and therefore i was wondering how this is created.

Can someone help me clarify this?

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it is actually an easy question:

Do i just create my own randomly generated string or is it something in JWT that i have to call / use? :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick answer!

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but for future reference its better to do this on the forum

@fillah did you try angular2-jwt? I handles quite a lot for you

I’m using angular-jwt as it is for now. To solve this I just created a method for uuid to make it as unique as possible. Does angular2-jwt have the refreshtoken?