I need a basic app with authentication. Backend already ok


I´am a php/mysql programmer with few skills on ionic.
I have a backend already ok using php-jwt, generating and checking tokens without problems.
Starting an app with ionic tabs template, I want two pages before the tabs:

  • First page with user/pass fields and a button to login. Another button to Create Account page.
  • The second page (Create Account) with username/email/password fields and a button to create.
  • After successful login, open the tabs and show the username on the dashboard/status page.
    I need this to understand better how to use tokens with my backend server.
    Somebody can do this job for me? It´s a freelance work, just finish the simple app.


Hey Getulio!
There are some samples of this on Codepen.io… It’s easy actually.
Are you from Brazil?


Way I implemented it would appreciate suggestions

var authHeader = userId+ ";" + deviceID + ":" + authToken;  

/* Really depends on what you want to look like but the intention is have a username:password keyvalue there but the key value is supposed to be the authToken which you will get after logging in */

var encodedAuthHeader = btoa(authHeader);  //May or may not need depending on you

$http.defaults.headers.common.Authorization = "Basic " + encodedAuthHeader;

//I suggest you save this to key storage or local storage so that you do not to login again if someone closes the app


Hello sidferreira!
I really couldn´t find… and I really tried on google in the last days.
Yes, I´m from Brazil =)


Are you looking to hire someone to do this, or are you trying to find how you can do it yourself?


Hello @brandyshea ! I am looking to hire someone to do this… That´s why I posted in Jobs category. I posted in the wrong place? Thanks!


No, you posted in the correct place. I was just making sure because your initial post seemed like you were looking for assistance in developing it yourself.

You may want to edit your post to add in any qualifications you are looking for in a developer and whether it is full-time or freelance work. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion! Good luck.



Please write down your requirements and qualification I hope I can help you out