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(urgent) Hello
I develop a beauty tip app.
and as you know there are several recipes and each recipe is a page.
my question is:
can I create for each recipe its own page or create a single detail-recipe page and from there generate the content of each recipe automatically by a .ts file.
thank you.

if I were doing this I would design a single common recipe page, and detail page…

then for each thing you use the same page and supply data to fill in the sections, heading, steps, … whatever

then there is no ‘new’ to generate

Okay. but by doing that I have problems;
let me explain :
I have a page named hair and in this page I have a recipe list. when i click on the recipe ex: ‘8 oils for the growth of your hair’ i have the page with the contents and pictures of each oil in a card. but the problem is that when I click another recipe I have the same image.
so there is a solution for hiding the images and the cards in the other recipe page;

are you displaying multiple recipes at the same time?

you can make the section hidden or visible based on a variable value by changing its css class

the recipe only appears when I click on it;
how can we change css values

from my app
if the expression is true then the class name ‘selected’ is applied to this element, otherwise not.
and I put a style in the page scss file for .selected

[ngClass]="{true:'selected',false:''}[tt == selectedRow.tag]"

but if u only have one page displayed at a time, so what if you use the same image on multiple pages. only the top page in the page stack will be shown

I tried with your solution but it does not work

@thiokoto Well, it’s just an issue with your design in Ionic code. Take fully 10 minutes to work out a solution, I’m sure you will :slight_smile:

Also, beware of boolean values, they are quite tricky sometimes.

ok thank you I’ll manage; I hope I will find the solution