Ionic 2 Fast page adding tool


Hello, I want to share with you my tool for creating new pages in ionic 2 project. Github
You can download compiled exe or create your own C# console project from sources. It is working with side-menu template. Place compiled exe in folder “%ProgjectName%/app” and run. Then enter pagename and it will create 3 files: .ts, .scss and .html, and then will add path to app.core.scss.
Hope it will be helpful for somebody.


Thanks for sharing Vilyx, great to see people building and sharing stuff but perhaps you haven’t come across the following command in Ionic 2:

ionic g page MyPage

This will automatically generate a page and is part of the Ionic CLI by default. I haven’t checked out your project so I may be missing something.


Thank you for pointing. Nice option did not knew about that. Good thing in my tool, is that you can easily change template and my tool automatically adds scss to app.core.scss. And can you help, how to create pages and components in ionic cli with typescript?


Generating typescript pages is something that we have to add. Right now it’s not a feature we have.