Create New Ionic 6 Project without Angular, React, or Vue

I am refactoring an old Cordova app and want to start with a clean project and migrate the code into the new project. I cannot see a way to create a new project without one of the three officially-supported frameworks, none of which I want in this project so as not to interfere with the entirely different approach used in the code.

If I cannot make a clean core project, what would be the easiest framework to remove after creating the project?


you can do all in a plain vanilla JS project. So whatever js approach you have, it can work. If you need to include ionic, then you either use the CDN, or take the compiled library and include as local CDN in cordova/capacitor.

Not sure what you mean by saying “easiest framework to remove”…

Thanks for replying Tommertom; I couldn’t see a way to create a new project without a framework, so I meant if I created a project using a framework, I’d want to use the one that’s easiest to remove from the project after creation.

that’s a prett tall order imho. so then better use plain vanilla code examples from Ionic - ffrom scratch.

But framework integrations with react/vue and angular are pretty deep given the router, the way components are imported (framework choice), data binding, code organisation and even handling.

And the Ionic CLI assists in generation of code - so that is possibly the part that makes you feel - I can’t do Ionic without framework. Which is not true, imho

You can even use jQuery if you like.

Yes, I can see now that that trying to remove a framework from an Ionic-generated base app is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s also much more clear to me now after more time with Ionic 7 that there’s certainly a dramatic difference in developer experience using a supported framework than not.

Since the code most affected by the presence of a framework is the same code I need to upgrade to the excellent-looking Ionic widgets–a key reason why the organization wants the upgrade–it makes sense to stop fighting it only to do more work. So I’m now going to go forward with Vue. Looking more closely at what code needs to be changed, I may even be able to rewrite the affected code faster using Vue than I could just trying to change the widgets.

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Ok nice

If I may just shamelessly promote this -

This is a SvelteKit integration with Ionic, working pretty well for most components one would need I think.

And Svelte stays pretty close to vanillaJS and HTML - even though it has its opinions about things.

Maybe you want to give that a go ?

Especially if you are into more vanilla js/html projects (like websites), then SvelteKit is worth the go