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Hi friends,
a person will join me on the dev of my app so how to share our project so that we can work both?

thank you in advance

GIT would be the best option.
Visual Studio has its own GIT wich you can acces in the browser or directly in Visual Studio. Im mainly using Visual Studio’s GIT.

Gitlab would also be an option.

Thank you for the quick reply,
in addition I have desktop github on my pc, I can do it with that? otherwise I will watch for visual studio

Yes you can do that. Make sure you make it private, best would be if you watch a Youtube Video. :slight_smile:

I’ve only made public GIT Repos from my PC but I am sure there is an option to make it private.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

GitHub is definitely great. Just note, if your project isn’t open source and you would like to share your code on a private repo, then you would need to spend 7$ a month pro developers in order to have access to such repos

Bitbucket on the other, let you create private repo for free until your team is not more than 5 developers

I’m not sure about it but GitLab maybe they offer free private repo too (to be checked)

Summarized, I would say in my personal opinion:

Your project is open source -> go for GitHub

You project is private -> go for Bitbucket or Gitlab (it they do free repo too), except if you would notice special features of GitHub you really love and you would be agree to pay for

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hey hello @reedrichards,
always there for answers to the top.
I just found that github is paying for private :slight_smile:
I will see for Bitbucket or bitlab, for my first app we will be only 2.
for the next app we will start at 2 and see how it goes.

thank you again for your answers :blush:

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