"could not find -Info.plist file, or config.xml file." on iOS build

Hey all,

I am trying to build a project for iOS using

ionic build ios

and I get the error

could not find -Info.plist file, or config.xml file.

In my file tree I have /appName/platforms/ios/appName/appName-Info.plist and /appName/platforms/ios/appName/config.xml

Which I believe are the files that it is referencing, any ideas why this might not be picking them up?

If it helps, when I make a brand new project and just use ionic build ios then it works perfectly. It seems to break when I edit the plist file, ionic build then can’t seem to find the file after that (even though it doesn’t most location). Maybe a permissions error?

Hi @Siteglide - Did you ever figure this out? I’m experiencing the same issue.

Unfortunately not. I ended up going the fully native app route in the end so I never ended up looking up for a final fix for this.

In case any one else runs into this issue, I was able to fix it by creating a brand new ionic project, then copying the following customized files and directories to the new project:

  • www/
  • scss/
  • bower.json
  • config.xml
  • ionic.project
  • package.json

I figured this out by removing and adding again the ios platform on my project :

$ ionic platform remove ios
$ ionic platform add ios

Hope it helps !


Thanks, It works for me @enersy