Cordovalocalnotification.schedule sound icon does not working


I’m trying to set icon and sound for ionic local notification , this is my code:


                        id: item.IdCommande,
                        title: 'Notification MajorClass ',
                        text: 'Nouvelle Commande',
                        sound: "file://sounds/message.mp3",

                        }).then(function (result) {


but the result set default icon and sound for device !!!


Your problem is solved??? beacuse I have same problem…icon is not changing


Icon is working in my case
I changed following code


defaults.icon = ‘res://icon’;
defaults.smallIcon = ‘res://icon’;

icon: ‘res://icon’,
smallIcon: ‘res://icon’,

and I didn’t put image icon.png in platform/android/res/drawable folder…I do it and my problem is solved

and for sound I’m doing this
sound: ‘res://platform_default’, in local-notification-util.js


have done your changes, it’s still not working but thx for your help !


Can I see your code??