Capacitor Local Notification


I’m using capacitor local notification plugin to schedule the local notification. But I’m wondering that how to change the default small icon.

I’ve refer this docuement (, but it’s quite unclear about how to change the icon. I also tried “smallIcon”: “assets/img/xxx.png”, which fails as well.

Also, I’m facing an issue that the notification only have sound, but the device will not vibrate even after I set the notification channel on android platform…

Hope someone familiar with this plugin could help to solve mentioned two issues. Thanks in advance.

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Same question here.

It appears that we have two options:

  1. either set an icon globally in capacitor.config.json:
    "LocalNotifications": {
      "smallIcon": "ic_some_android_icon"
  1. or set a smallIcon field of LocalNotification to an icon prefixed with res://, e.g. res://ic_some_android_icon