How to change icon local notifications

i want change icon local notifications

but it not change ,it using icon default.

Where does “LocalNotifications” come from? Hard to tell if your parameters you are giving it makes sense without knowing what library you are using…

Sorry, I followed, it worked fine but the icon did not change, it used the default icon.

Check and scroll down to the icon part.

Also the Cordova plugin that this uses documents the URLs to use a bit more:

So you should probaply prepend your icon with file://. If .ico works at all is unclear, here they always use png.

i have : image and i set icon: “file://img/clock1.png” . where am i wrong ? . it is not change. thanks.

If this is the way to do this, and I don’t know, I only read the documentation, but haven’t used this myself, it would be file://assetts/img/clock1.png of course.

thanks but it not change

Then maybe create a new blank project, only include code for the local notification, put it on Github - maybe I’ll have time later to play with it a bit.

I can change it with the follow code.
id: 1,
title: ‘Company’,
text: msj,
led: ‘FF0000’,
icon: ‘assets://icon/icon-notify’,
smallIcon: ‘assets://icon/icon-notify-small’
Please atention with image path.

I hope help u !

This helped me: