Ionic emulate ios --livereload white screen of death driving me crazy

Hey all, hoping someone can help.

I’ve spent the past three hours trying to get livereload on $ ionic emulate ios working to no avail. I’ve read pretty much every article I can find about it, tried several solutions and nothing is working. I just get a blank white screen. I have;

  • started a brand-new ionic project with latest beta (npm install ionic@beta && ionic start app --v2)
  • Added cordova-plugin-transport-security
  • Added <allow-navigation href=""/> to my config.xml file
  • Tried <allow-navigation href="*"/> in my config.xml file
  • Fired up charles

Getting the following errors;

1     650956   log      Channel not fired: onCordovaInfoReady```

and `app.bundle.js` from `www/build/js`.

This is killing me. I need to emulate to get around CORS issue with authentication.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ahahaha… when running $ ionic serve I noticed a typescript error. Shows what happens when you stare at the same problem for too long… For anyone coming across this, the above got it working.

Just a heads up, livereload no longer reliably works with newer cordova and OS versions. There have been big security changes that prevent it from working.

Does that mean there’s no reliable way to see server and console logs when running on the emulator or the device now?