Cordova Status Bar Font Size

Is there any way to manipulate the font size of the status bar. I have Cordova plugin installed and looked through its code and couldn’t find anywhere to edit font size. I’ve looked at a couple other ionic apps and they had the increased size as well. Looks tacky imo and now that I’ve noticed it, it’s really bugging me
Here is an app I’m working on compared to Instagram status bar
(yes I know I need to change mine to white, it boots up white in beginning and changes to black on firsr view load)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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I suppose that you’re running your app on an iPhone 6. Could it be possible that the app gets still scaled to the higher resolution? Maybe you’re running an old version of Cordova. What version are you using?

Thanks for the response.
I am currently running Cordova 4.0.0 doing the majority of development on my iPhone 6. I am not sure how to fix the problem if it is a scale issue. Do you have any advice on that front?

  1. Update Cordova (version 4.1.2) and Ionic (version 1.2.13):
    $ npm install -g cordova ionic

  2. Check the version of your iOS platform in your project, it should be 3.7.0:
    $ cordova platforms ls

  3. Update the platform if necessary:
    $ cordova platform update ios

  4. Add these splash files to your platform:

  • Default-667h.png (iPhone 6)
  • Default-736h.png (iPhone 6 Plus Portrait)
  • Default-Landscape-736h.png (iPhone 6 Plus Landscape)
  1. Build and run your app

Thank you. I will give this a shot when I arrive home from vacation and let you know the results

This fixed the issue. Thank you!