Cordova QR scanner not installed error

I’m using the cordova qr scanner plugin in my ionic application, but the plugin is not working.
I found an issue on the official github page where a user states that the plugin is not supported in the devapp mode. Is that true?

You can assume that I installed the plugin correctly and tried to call it after platform.ready().
However I always get the same error messages as in the still open issue.

Is this plugin still supported and do I have to test it on a physical device?
Because the devapp mode is a pretty convenient way to test your application.

In the worst case I’ll use the barcode scanner plugin.

Github Issue:

Don’t use the DevApp for testing your app, this is for the simple test your visual…

I recommend do you build the app and install in your device and test…

Good to know.
But still, I used the devapp in the past with native plugins and they worked fine.

The DevApp is very simple, this is like your browser… Any plugins never works…


Ok, I got my answer:

Unhandled error. ('The platform "android" does not appear to be a valid cordova platform. It is missing API.js. android not supported.')

@IonicTeam Ionic documentation shows android as supported platform.

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