Plugins are not load when the app is deployed

My app is very simple. It is a qr code/barcode reader, it is using @awesome-cordova-plugins/barcode-scanner plugin. It has two tabs, tab 1 is a simple button that open the camera and do the scan, tab 2 processing the info of the qr or barcode.
All is working well in an emulator (a tablet connect to my PC), but when I do the deploy to the cloud, the plugins are not loaded, given ‘cordova not available’ error.
I deploy to heroku and firebase, both gives the same error.
What could be my mistake/error?

Most plug-ins will not work in a web only fashion. So it is fully expected that when you deployed your app to heroku the app failed. When you were testing it, the emulator was creating an environment that mirrors what the app would be doing running as a native app.
You will need to either find a plugin that is compatible for use in the browser, or you will need to compile your project into a native app.

Hello Chris, thank you for your quick response. In fact I tested other similar plugins but all of them had problems. So I think the solution is to compile as a native app, but I don’t know how. Please, could you show or indicate to me how I can do this?
Thank again

There is a lot documentation on Ionic’s site about doing just that. Look for articles around Capacitor and AppFlow to learn more. Good luck

Yes, I found several info about this topic i did not know before.
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