Cordova-plugin-ionic-webview plugin problem (never mind...)

I’m losing my mind with this plugin. I have uninstalled it a million times and removed it from config.xml and package.json, but it keeps coming back. And worst of all, it installs version 1.1.1 of the plugin which I believe is full of security holes. Where and in gods name, WHY it keeps coming back to my project?

because you are installing cordova in your app
When you install cordova in your app then by default 3-4 plugin get installed automatically.

Well then why in the world it will install so old version of the plugin? As I said, I remember some time ago received news letter about security vulnerabilities in that plugin. And also, why does it install it when we do not need it? Just stupid. Well, I guess I’ll have to (force?) upgrade it then by myself if it keeps coming back no matter what. Again, stupid…

So weird. I totally cleaned to whole project and now it seems that it went away.
First removed the plugin via ionic cordova plugin remove, then removed platform, deleted plugins and node-modules folders. Then I installed everything back and build (android) and now it seems webview is gone. Maybe in some time I did remove webview “manually” just from config.xml and packages.json and it still left some “hook” somewhere in the project and webview kept coming back. But now it’s hopefully all gone.