Cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard not resizing when keyboard is up


I am working on an ionic V1 project.In this project, we were using ionic-plugin-keyboard, but there was an issue in iOS that the keyboard goes down on clicking next input tag. The error shown in Xcode states that “THREAD WARNING: [‘Keyboard’] took ‘33.663818’ ms. Plugin should use a background thread.”

Searching the issue stated that ionic-plugin-keyboard is deprecated and should switch to cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard. Now when I installed it on android the ion-content is not resizing when the keyboard is up.
Any reasons

No resizing also for me in Ionic V1 since i’ve moved to cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard.
I have:

in config.xml and it’s resizing well with cordova-plugin-keyboard.

Anyone got the new plugin working with V1 ?