cordova-plugin-googleplus error 10. Can anyone help me out to fix this problem.
I used this link for setup:

and my code is:
login() {
‘webClientId’ : ‘’,
‘offline’ : true
.then(res => {
this.displayName = res.displayName; =;
this.familyName = res.familyName;
this.givenName = res.givenName;
this.userId = res.userId;
this.imageUrl = res.imageUrl;

  this.isLoggedIn = true;
})[spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]

Hi@krishnagupta What is the error you facing?

hy @vibinflogesoft I am getting error 10 in my console when logging in with google account I created SHA1 key and also used Reserved client ID for installation than also I am getting error 10

Error 10 may be related with your usage of reverse webclient id or the SHA1 key you are using in the google developer console.So try to remove and reinstall the plugin with proper webclientid.

thnks but it doesn’t worked for me…