[SOLVED] Cordova-plugin-googleplus webClientId where?


Where do I found the webClientId for the cordova-plugin-googleplus?

maybe a language problem but really I don’t understand where I should get that info

In the google developer console or in the firebase console or?

Could someone post a screenshot of “the place where I find that webClientId”?

According @joshmorony’s blog I found it “You can find the webClientId in the Credentials section in the Google Developer console” but still don’t get it

Right now I use the one I found in my google-services.json file under node oauth_client/client_id but still got an error 10 (like 10 is saying something…) when I test on my phone


ok I found my webClientId, it’s under auth in the Firebase console aka you have to active the Google authentication when you do so, you get the web client ID as result

you could also follow the nice tutorial http://www.jomendez.com/2017/08/30/ionic-2-google-sign-in-error-10-with-firebase/

but to solve Error: 10, the most important, I’m such a dumbass, I just lost hours because of that, always build your app with --release otherwise it just ain’t gonna work

ionic cordova build android --prod 

-> NOPE login with gmail will not work

ionic cordova build android --prod --release

-> Yes it gonna work since you used the same sha-1 key in your firebase console