Cordova not installing on kali nethunter

Unable to install Cordova in kali nethunter

Hello everyone, I am trying to install cordova on Kali nethunter running inside termux. My phone is not rooted (I am using SM-A525F).

It showed following error -

Steps to repeoduce

Install termux from F-Droid or GitHub and set it up to access it from any file manager.

Install kali nethunter following officical documention

After installation I opened nethunter cli and ran sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
npm init
npm install
npm install -g cordova

My Goal

To build APKs

or to prepare it to be compiled in Android Studio using

cordova prepare

Complete log file (I changed the extension with txt) can be found here

What are your node and npm versions?
Might be a conflict with them or them not being correctly installed.

Node JS version is 18.10.0
NPM version is 9.1.2

It is already in its latest version.
No further update is available.

Precisely being on latest version is what might cause the problems since latest release of cordova was done when those versions didn’t exist.

But I don’t see any issues reported similar to yours, so might not be related.
If you think it’s a cordova issue and not a npm/node issue, you can report it in the repository