Cordova needs iOS-sim version 3.0 or greater


I’m told (when i use “ionic emulate iOS”, that I have version 1.9.0 and I can’t see how to update it.

I’ve searched everywhere and find people saying you update it through Xcode. I have updated Xcode iOS 7.1 simulator but I don’t think thats the same thing.

So many obstacle to using Ionic locally. This is why I haven’t done it before. At this point I’m almost tempted to factory reset my Mac Air because tbh I don’t understand wtf the problem is with this whole thing. I’m getting a persistent error with Ionic and Android too (in another thread).


So I found another topic on this forum that suggested uninstalling iOS sim and reinstalling it.

It worked.

Why on earth is this the ONLY place to find this? Even Apple don’t have any info on this!


Glad you got it working.

For reference:

If you are referring to the npm package ios-sim, it is a cmd line launcher used by Cordova (and Ionic) to launch the iOS simulator. It’s not an Apple thing.

Maybe try updating to latest Cordova or latest ios-sim

sudo npm update ios-sim -g

More info