'Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h' file not found Xcode Version 11.5

I am trying to build ios but every time i run the command or generate it through xcode i get the following below error . Please help me
Xcode Version 11.5
Here are some solutions I tried .

  1. Select your [projectName] in Xcode TARGETS .
  2. Go to Build Settings tab.
  3. Make sure that the filter is set to “All” and not “Basic”.
  4. Search “Header Search Paths”
  5. Double click and add this path to both “Debug” and “Release”: $(OBJROOT)/UninstalledProducts/$(PLATFORM_NAME)/include
  6. Now clean the Project and restart Xcode.

not works

  • Open your project in Xcode
  • Go to Preference -> Locations -> Advanced
  • Choose “Unique” as the option for Build Location
  • Product -> Clean
  • Product -> Build
    not works

i am also facing the same issue :frowning:

Hello @Rahulbhutani97, did you find any solution for it?