Docker config for Ionic development?

Is there a guide how to set up docker containers for ionic 3 development? I’m on mac and want to develop for both, iOS and Android.

You can do that both on Mac just fine. No need to add Docker complexity if this is your only requirement.

I was thinking because I have two machines to create a docker image to share between both where I would have the exactly same ionic environment…

If you are using git for your project this is usually also not necessary.
The only “environment” left is the OS, node+npm and the global Cordova CLI.
Ionic CLI is local in the project, all the dependencies as well.

This is far too much work than it will end up being worth. Just make sure you install nvm.



With a big team, maintain the version of Ionic ecossystem dependencies (ionic, cordova, android SDK, java, and so on) is a pain (including CI/CD process). But thanks to beevelop ( that makes a great work to include all of it in a Docker container.

Check it here ->
And here ->