[Help Needed] docker jenkins + ionic container


I think it would useful if we can spin up a docker container which contains Jenkins and everything needed to build an Ionic app (at least for Android).

I already made some hook to update the version automatically.
I also have the docker image with jenkins (and pre-configured plugins (signing and upload to playstore)
Now I need to install everything needed for building my ionic app

Who like to contribute on that?

Please leave a message or contact me dekleijn.roy[at]gmail[dot]com,

well since I’m almost done… Maybe there is someone who like to review?

How far are you with this?
I’m thinking of automating my builds (IOS and Android) soon with docker.
Maybe I will also try something like Fastlane, I’m now looking and researching what the best options are for me :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jason

Hey, Found any luck with this??