Cordova add browser automatic confirm

Hello everyone, because of this issue I’m updating my ionic

I was using ionic cordova platform add browser to generate my browser platform

The problem is that after the updates it asks for confirmation:

[WARN] About to add the browser platform to your app.
       The browser Cordova platform is not recommended for production use.
       Instead, we recommend using platform detection and browser APIs to target web/PWA. See the Cross Platform docs[1]
       for details.
       Alternatively, ⚡️ Capacitor ⚡️ (, Ionic's official native runtime, fully supports
       traditional web and Progressive Web Apps. See the Capacitor docs[2] to learn how easy it is to migrate.
? Are you sure you want to continue? (Y/n)

The problem is that I build and deploy this using gitlab CD/CI and at the current moment I found no solution to automatically answer Y to the script

I tried using: yes Y | ionic cordova platform add browser but with no luck

Any suggestion?

Solved by creating a www folder and then using directly cordova:

    - npm i -g @ionic/cli@6.9.1 --force
    - npm i -g cordova@latest --force
    - mkdir www
    - cordova platform add browser