Cordova-stripe-plugin in browser?

I have a ionic app (current version) that I have built and its now running on my local dev server just fine. I needed to add Strip Payment integration so I included the cordova-stripe-plugin ( I can not test because ionic serve doesn’t include the cordova.js, etc.
I have looked high and low and can not find any definitive information on how to run/build this app for mobile browser/web/PWA. There is conflicting information. Can you please clarify and provide the command lines to run to build/run and Ionic app that I can deploy to my webserver. Also, what about testing? will I have to rebuild every time I need to make a change or is there a some sort of live reload I can use? Thanks for your help.

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Can’t you just build for production, and host that on your web server? Building for PWA is kind of a mess, but you don’t really have a PWA, do you? Or do you have service workers? It sounds as though you want a web page that can use Cordova plugins.

Correct @AaronSterling. Its not really a PWA at this point. The only cordova plugin I am using is the strip payments as indicated in my OP.
Can you share the steps and commands to build for production?
Do I need to add the browser platform? Do I add an import to all my pages’ .ts or just the page dealing with stripe payments?
I don.t mean to sound sophomoric but I haven’t been able to find info in the docs or anywhere really.

If you’re in CLI 3.x, ionic cordova build browser --prod gets you a production build. You may want other flags too, depending on your setup. See here:

Edit: also yes, you need to add the browser platform, use ionic cordova platform to do that, docs are close to the above link.

Be aware that the browser platform is not really support on Ionic, and only works “by accident”.
If you want to build for browsers, I suggest you look into finding a pure JS library that implements Stripe instead of the Cordova plugin. Seems more future proof.

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Still true ATTOW with latest version (4.7.4) ??