Content not showing in iOS emulator


I’m encountering something weird. I have made a simple Angular app with some basic routing, views and some ng-includes etc …

In a browser it works just fine, but when I emulate it to iOS my dynamic content doesn’t show up. The hardcoded content is showing up without any issues.

Other thing is that I use the pre-build “sideMenu” as a basis, the menu items are rendered in a ng-repeat and works just fine in the iOS emulator.

The only thing I see different is that the content should be showing up in the ‘menuContent’ view wrapper.


        // Global App
        .state('app', {
            url: '/app',
            templateUrl: ASSETS.templates.main + 'menu.html',
            controller: 'LPAController'

My app:

.state('app.myApp', {
            url: '/myApp',
            views: {
                'menuContent': {
                    templateUrl: ASSETS.templates.myApp  + 'myApp.html',
                    controller: 'myAppController'

Not sure why my content isn’t showing up in the iOS emulator. Did anyone encountered this kind of problem before?


First thing to check is if you are getting any errors. Can you remote debug with safari and see if there are any errors?

Ha, didn’t know that it was possible to debug the iOS emulator with Safari? Will try this.


Hmmm okay, seems that he can’t find my template files. So

ASSETS.templates.myApp + 'myApp.html'

which is


error in console is


Tried in my code


But doesn’t work either. Same thing goes with adding www before.
Just to be clear, my JS file is inwww/js/apps/myApp/app.js, but I think that this shouldn’t be an issue right?

Hmm it shouldn’t be. All the links or file paths should be relative to your index.html

I’ve found it, it wasn’t the route settings. But my includes. D’ogh!

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Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue :smile:

Hi dude, can you resolve your bug. I have the same. May u?