iOS emulator and ionic view can't load templates

Hi all!

I’m pretty new to ionic so I wanted to start with a small project.

I used the blank project template to start. Currently, my doesn’t do extraordinary things, I’ve just write two routes and two templates with two controllers.

When I launch ionic serve, everything is working fine! If I do ionic emulate ios --livereload, everything is working fine too. But when I try ionic emulate ios, it seems that the page just show the content of index.html without calling my templates.

The terminal doesn’t show any kind of error and if I read the cordova/console.log, I see no error too.

Thanks for reading, any help will be nice :slight_smile:

Ok my bad.

Thanks to this post, I managed to debug my app into the simulator and found out that I’ve wrote my templates URL with a ‘/’ before (/template/my-templates.html)…

Everything’s working great now!