Connect VS with Ionic templates to Ionic Cloud?

Hi everyone,

I am currently exploring the possibilities ionic suit of tools before starting a new project. We are looking at using Visual Studio as everyone here is pretty familiar with VS and using it daily on other web projects. Bit of a background, I have used cordova Phonegap for a few projects, and native iOS/And on others.

I stumbled across the ionic template resources for VS which help me kick-start some test app (that was cool), and ionic cloud (which from a first glance seems similar-ish to good old PGB in concept, but with more feature).

Where I fail however is to link my VS ionic project with ionic cloud. While PGB works through the repository, ionic cloud seems to be handled through it’s framework. So basically I am just not sure whether I can set this up properly using the templates tools provided for VS without the cli commands.

Any advice on achieving this would be awsome:
I currently narrowed it down to:

  1. Build a project with cli & copy paste the configuration in the VS ionic project to hope for some kind of sync?
  2. Asking experts about tips (in the process of doing this).
  3. Give up (I would rather avoid this one).

Thanks a lot for any feedback, link, and/or guidance you might have.

Catch you soon,