Social Login in Ionic 2

Hi, i have login social with laravel in app web, but i need use this in app

how better way to use social login

i need use laravel (database) auth with social login ionic

What exactly are you trying to build?
What should your app do?
What “database” should be used for login?
What kind of “social login” are you talking about?
What role should your “Laravel web app” play in all of this?

in laravel use laravel socialite for login social and works fine

i need use this for login social in my app

because not duplicate users in database

Ok, so you have a web application based on the Laravel PHP framework. You use the “Socialite” ‘module/plugin/thingie’ to implement OAuth/social login in this web application for its user accounts that are saved to a local database of this app.

Now you want to build a Ionic 2 mobile app that uses the same user accounts and login system as your web app. Correct?


Well, I know what “Socialite” is now - but what about all the other description of your problem?

Socialite works fine for laravel login social
i need use same system to implement in ionic 2 login social
to use actually database