Confused about CLI ionic build and IONIC LAB build (and config.xml & plugins)

Hi all,

I am confused about how ‘build’ works.

  1. In Ionic lab, when I press the build button, the plugins in the final ios config.xml file (./platforms/ios/APPNAME/config.xml) will be in accordance to the plugins selected in the Ionic lab plugins pane.
    In most cases this is good, but today I have installed cordova admobpro plugin and cannot find it in plugins pane in ionic lab, so I have to manually add the plugin feature tag to the ios config.xml file to prevent to “failed JSON plugin error”.

  2. When I use the command line “ionic build ios”, the final ios config.xml contains the admobpro plugin, but it also contains some plugins that I previously removed using Ionic lab. I checked the ./config.xml and it doesn’t contain the removed plugin feature tag.

Why is the two “build” yielding different results?
What should I do to ensure that the final ios config.xml will contain the plugins I want?