Config xml not updating

MY query related to ionic view the new app and my config.xml file

I edited my config.xml to rename the app and to change the splash screen images to gif rather than png, as I have created some animated gif to use for splash screen animation.

When I upload my app to my device it is still called “tabs”, which is frustrating me.
Please advise if there is a command I must run to clear cache somewhere or to force the xml to be read again by CLI. (I already cleared phone ionic view app data - no change)

When I run command “ionic run android” , the app will transfer to my phone. However the splash screen is displaying the png image rather than my new shiny gif !!

Please help me as I have been in a frustrated frenzy, pulling my hair out and don’t have much left (lol) …



( good work on the ionic view app - really sweet)

OK… here’s an answer to one of my issues.

IONIC VIEW - the issue was that the ionic demo app was not using the updated project name, even though I updated the config.xml file.
Long answer short…

  1. you also need to update teh project name in bower.json AND ionic.project
    (both in root of project folder)

  2. Then delete the app from your phone and close app

  3. Using terminal upload the app again from your PC / Mac.

  4. Open up the app on your phone again and there you are… bingo bango your app has the updated name !!
    (better to have the correct name, when you’re showing it to people to demo what it will be like)

Now I just have to conquer the splash screen issue and find some hair restorer… (lol)



When there is this problem you must delete and add the platform again. Welcome to the images as splashscreen, I just replacement with the same name the default image that comes, edit that image, I think mine and replacement. Same with the icons to not have any problem to upload.