Splash screen image not getting updated


I am trying to change default splash screen images but it shows the default ones.

    <splash src="res/screen/android/splash.png"/>

Can anyone help me out?


Assuming that you use ionic v1

  • Go to <project path>/resource folder and replace the icon.png and splash.png by your own image with the same size

  • In your command line, prompt to your project and type >ionic resources (it will create the appropriate file screen divice size in this folder <project path>/resources/<your platform>)

  • warning: don’t change default path by your own it will not work (<splash src="res/screen/android/splash.png"/>) just change the image

  • Build your app and it should be ok :slight_smile:


@donvex I tried what you have suggested but still splash screen image doesn’t changes.

Please help me out.


Put the images in resources/android/ or directly in resources/ if you want to use the same images for Android and iOS.

Same images for Android and iOS:

  • resources/
    • icon.png
    • splash.png

Different images for Android and iOS:

  • resources/
    • android/
      • icon.png
      • splash.png
    • ios/
      • icon.png
      • splash.png