Compiled app is unusable since I have upgraded to XCode 8, it translates it but the app does not work. With 7 everything was fine


I have upgraded to XCode 8, and my app does not want to work. I have the following problem: when i start the application (does not matter if i use ionic run ios or XCode run , wether i use live reload or console switches) the app stuck on splash screen, and it’s there until i press home button, and go back to app, then it shows me the ‘allow notification request’ i choose the answer, it stuck again, then when i press home and back to the app it shows the location request … so i have to press home and back to app over and over again for app to work… with XCode 7 everything is fine

anyone else having similar problem? anyone have any tips what to do, where to look?

thanks in advacne!


Yes I experienced the same issue. Unfortunately I did not found a way to solve it…have you?


Can you go and “ON” the Key Chain sharing from “XCode --> App --> Capabilities” and then try?


@preraktiwari not working on my side…


@bboldi @preraktiwari this fixed the problem for me:


Unfortunately not yet, to be honest I reverted back to XCode 7 and copied developer image for ios 10 over from XCode 8 … when I have the time I’ll try to systematically pinpoint the part of app causing the problem (since not everyone experiencing this, i assume it’s one of the cordova plugins)


Had a little time to return to this issue, and found a solution: I had to add gap://ready file://* to Content-Security-Policy meta - that fixed it. Hopefully this will help someone.

Here’s where I found the solution to similar issues: