Compile and Image crunch time is (too) long while debugging

While making changes to my app and testing on the device it now takes way much more time to compile and run on the device because of what I think is “crunch” time taken to rebuild the spash and icon graphics.

(talking about running the “ionic run android” command here)

I really love this image generation but it would be nice if it did not do it at every “ionic run android” command that i execute. it used to take about 20 seconds to recompile and deploy on my device. it now takes 1-2 minutes… :frowning:

Can i disable this ? anyone else got this problem?

Anyone? Someone else has this issue?

Trying again to get some attention…

This isn’t an Ionic issue, rather an cordova->android issue. You’ll probably get a better answer by doing some research on how cordova asks android to compile those resources.