Ionic build taking too much time

Hi I am building ionic apps for Android & IOS using ionic 4 , For hardware dependency i cant run my ionic apps on browser . So each time i change my code to see the code change effect i have to run it in device , so for that i am using

ionic build


ionic cap sync

the ionic build too much time to execute , it eating my productive time , is there any faster or smarter way to run the project on device /simulator after code change.

Ionic serve runs on browser , I want to see the changes on live on mobile , I have constraints my code can’t run on browser either in mobile or laptop, hope you read my question

Have you tried Live Reload?

ionic capacitor run android -l --host=YOUR_IP_ADDRESS
ionic capacitor run ios -l --external


i have nit tried live reload does it works in phone browser or it works directly on apps?

The app itself in the Android/iOS emulator.

That’s awesome i should try this out now

i tried the link and the commands it doesn’t live reload ionic angular.Can send or video if its working for u

It is working for me with Android. I am on Ionic 5, Vue, and Capacitor 3.

Ohh I am using ionic angular it seems it doesn’t work with angular

I am not sure on that. The documentation is not Vue specific. I would think it would work with Angular considering that was the first framework Ionic supported. Hopefully someone with Ionic/Angular experience can chime in.

It definitely works with angular. I have this command in my package json.

"start:ios": "ionic capacitor run ios --livereload --external"