Compatibility Matrix: Ionic, Cordova, Capacitor and Android API

Is there any documentation where it is possible to evaluate the compatibility matrix between legacy versions of Ionic, Cordova, Capacitor and Android API levels?

There is Google’s indication of discontinuing the API Level prior to 33 later this year 2023 (this link).

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t think such thing exists.

For properly targeting SDK 33 you’ll need cordova-android 12 or Capacitor 5.

Then, for the Ionic versions, with Cordova you shouldn’t have any problems, Cordova doesn’t care about your frameworks, you just need the built www folder and a config.xml.

Capacitor doesn’t care too much about your framework neither, but if you use typescript you’ll need 3.8.x or newer, or even 4.x.x and those typescript versions could have problems building older Ionic apps because of angular tooling requirements.

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