Commits problem

Hi to all,
i have problems with commits, in my appflow i not see the commits of my project on github.
thanks in advance.

Hi Nexus6ITA,

It would be great if you could please double-check the below:

  • If the user integrating with Appflow has full admin access permission in the Git
  • If there is a webhook created in Git for Appflow

If your git repo is part of an organization you would need permissions. This can be done by going to the account setting and allowing ionic to access the enterprise repositories. You can refer to the docs here: Requesting organization approval for OAuth Apps - GitHub Docs

If you are still seeing the issue, I would suggest you review the webhook deliveries and see if you can spot anything. You can refer to how to enable this here: Testing webhooks - GitHub Docs.

I would encourage you to contact the Appflow support for further assistance.