How to re request third party access to Github Organization

Using Ionic Appflow and am trying to connect an app to the github repo it belongs too.

The repo is apart of a organization that I am an admin in. But because Ionic Appflow is not a approved third party to that organization, none of the repos show up in the list of repos to connect the app to.

I think I need to request third party access to the organization from Ionic Appflow but I cannot figure out how.

I’ve tried completely removing my Github integration and re adding it hoping it would ask me then but no luck.


This is still relevant, there’s no way to select an organization from github

Still can’t… I was paying $120/month before. I won’t anymore until this is solved.


I found a way to add organizations repository to appflow by allowing third party access to the organization .

This can be done from the github page of the organization .
Under Settings tab >> Open Third-party access >> Click on Remove Restriction .

Now Go to appFlow
Open Settings of your app .
Click on Git you should now be able to see your organizations repository .
Once you see the org repo you should be able to connect your app with the org repo .

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Thanks! been looking for this for ages!

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hey were you able to implement appflow live updates to ionic app ? it woked for me once but not its not working .
It would be great if you can share how do you push live update to device . Stuck for a while now.

Hey @deborahj, Did not look into that yet, will let you know as soon as I get to that point!

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Wont this be a security issue?
I mean removing restrictions is dangerouse

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Agree, upon a certain point. I’m the only owner and member of this organization, and i still have to approve via my personal account. So not really worried here.

Hey @deborahj, got it working here. Just followed the steps that were described. I only did the Web-build+ deployment so far (free hobby account), but that is working great to deploy to IOS and android devices. Which part are you struggling with? Happy New year btw :wink:

hey @MrBasque Happy New Year :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please share the link of document you followed. I was able to update the app through appflow only once but the next commits were not getting reflected on the app.

Hey @deborahj, sure!

I read through the quickstart:

Short summary of the steps i did:

  • I linked my (existing) project with the ‘ionic link’ command.
  • I connected my private GitHub repo (via your instructions)

(After these steps all git commits were visible in the ionic hub and from there I am able to manually build the commit as a web-build )

  • manually installed the appflow sdk in my project via:

ionic deploy add

I committed my project. It immediately became visible in the hubs’ list of commits. Created a web build from the latest commit with ‘live update’ option enabled to the ‘production’ channel.

After restarting my app on my iOS device twice, it was updated!

Woohoo :blush:

Many services solved this issue (CircleCI and Slack for example), I am sure Ionic can also. There should be a way for Ionic to request access to private organisation repository

  1. Open
  2. In the top right corner, click your avatar and select Settings .
  3. On the left side, select Applications .
  4. Click Authorized OAuth Apps . You will see the list of apps which can access your account.
  5. Click on ionic .
  6. Scroll down to Organization access and click Grant so that ionic can access your Organization’s repository.