Color picker ionic


I created a color picker component for angular2 which is working in ionic 2
You can reuse it if you want.

The first canvas is the palette of color.
The second is the panel color chooser.

Don’t hesitate if you have remarks.



hola como implemento eso en el codigo de una app en ionic 2?

Did you read the readme on github ?

how do you get the color value?can you please explain that?

In the readme you can see that color picker emit an event.
You can subscribe to the event “colorChanged”

The content of the event is the string hexadecimal

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Thanks bro…It worked

yw. If you have other question don’t hesitate. I imporved it with predefined color chooser. I will update the repository if I have time

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It seems to be a good and simple module for a color picker, but I’m getting when trying to manipulate the color light.


If you define in html colorTouchStart event you need to declare it in your parent ts file

Just leaving this here for others looking where this one didn’t work, this color picker works out the box on ionic -