Ion picker as color picker

I have a app that has products available in several different colors and sizes. Each product color may be available(sometime not) in several sizes. I would like to be able to display the selection of colors on the product details page of my app. Ion-picker seemed like a good component by I can not find a way to change the background colors of the options. Each one of my product options has colors expressed as a hex value. I need to display those hex values in a way that can be selected.


    <ion-label>Color: </ion-label>

    <ion-label *ngFor = "let colors of availableColors" >{{ availableColors }}</ion-label>

    <ion-button slot="end" fill="clear" (click)="showBasicPicker()">Select</ion-button>


Any ideas on how to manipulate the ion-picker? or is there some other idea that I am missing?
Thanks in advance.