Ionic 2 Color picker not working

i want to use a color picker in ionic 2 . I using angular2-color-picker From color picker. as per the doc folder added pages/color-picker. please help me some thing missing or what can i do?

and also rounded Color picker available in ionic 2?

its Get error

<ion-input [(colorPicker)]="color" [style.background]="color" [value]="color"></ion-input>


import {ColorPickerDirective} from '../color-picker/color-picker.directive'
      templateUrl: 'build/pages/trans-generation/trans-generation.html',
      directives: [ColorPickerDirective]
    export class TransGeneration {
      private color: string = "#127bdc";


import {TransGeneration} from './pages/trans-generation/trans-generation';
    import {ColorPickerService} from './pages/color-picker/color-picker.service'

    ionicBootstrap(MyApp,TransGeneration, [ColorPickerService])

Plz post the actual error you have seen, saying “its Get error” doesn’t help yourself much neither others who try to help you. And post the compete files because any detail could matter.

I’m interested in this component, any update?