Collection-repeat show only last element

After update to beta 14, one tab using collection repeat shows correctly on the first load. Going on another tab and comming back, only the last element of the collection is visible. Looking at the DOM, all elements are translated to 0, 0, 0 when leaving for another tab.

Clicking on the header bar fix it until I go to another tab and come back.

A second tab using collection-repeat is working fine. The difference between the 2 is that the broken one does not specify

Here’s the definition of the broken one:

<div class="item collection-item"
    collection-repeat="foo in fooList" 
    ng-class="{'item-divider' : foo == 'divider'}">

And the working one:

<div class="item collection-item {{item.color}}"
    collection-repeat="bar in barList"
    ng-style="{'line-height': getItemHeight(bar) +'px'}"
     ng-class="{'item-divider': bar.isDivider}">

Any idea what is wrong ?

It happen the same to me! Please if somebody knows how to fix it i would really appreciate it.

In my case i have 2 tabs and there is only 1 collection repeat in the second tab, and it is only displaying the last element of the collection.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards.