Collection repeat showing only 2 first items

The collection-repeat is showing me only the two first item, and it seems it “hiding” the other items.

        <div ng-if="venues" class="venues-list">
            <list-venue-item venue="venue" collection-repeat="venue in venues" collection-item-height="'103'" />

my css:

    left: 0;
    right: 0;

someone have an idea?
I also tried to wrap my directive with div, and using the collection-repeat with this div. no-help.

maybe your own directive destroys default behave?

I put the content directly in div with collection-repeat, and actually only put an image inside this div.
I disabled any other css stylesheet… and kept only the controllers and services…

nothing helped.

ng-repeat works great

ähhh maybe your collection-item-height should be


without single quotes around the number.
In other cases a codepen would be nice.

Removing the single quotes worked for me, thanks!

@AlmogBaku, I was having the exact same problem, but @bengtler’s suggestion about the single quotes solved it. I’d give that a try if you haven’t already.

@bengtler it works!