Beta7: Only the first row of collection-repeat is shown


I have 100 rows of data in collection-repeat list inside NavigtionBar.
Those data are shown correctly initially.
When I go down to the child page and comes back, only the first row is shown.
(In inspector, those rows have ‘absolute: -weblit-transform: translate3d(-2000px, -2000px, 0)’)
When I scroll a bit, all rows are shown correctly again.

This happens only at the first row. It doesn’t happen when I click other rows.
This problem happens only on this page, It doesn’t happen on other collection-repeat pages.
This happens on iPhone simulator, iPhone device. This doesn’t happen on browser.
This happens on Beta7. It was not happening on previous version.


Seems to work for me.

Are you sure you don’t have any errors in your markup or script?


Thank you for your quick response.

If I remove this style tag, the problem doesn’t happen.

td {
color: #ddd;
background-color: #666;
padding: 8px;

I don’t know how this affects (conflicts?), but this problem was happening only on this page, so likely it’s my problem. Sorry, if that’s the case.