Collection-repeat for ion-slide directive

We have implemented a slide-box where each slide contains both image and text. It works ok, but the performance is not as good as it could be expected, the slide effect is not smooth and it doesn’t feel comfortable when sliding through the different slides (even shrinking down the size of the image).

The code is as follows:

<ion-view title="{{ mediaTitle }}">
  <ion-nav-buttons side="right">
    <button ng-click="shareMediaPopup()" class="button button-icon icon ion-android-share"> </button><a ui-sref="{eventId:eventId})" class="button button-icon icon ion-image"></a>
  <ion-slide-box on-slide-changed="slideHasChanged()">
    <ion-slide ng-repeat="item in items track by item._id">       
        <div class="item item-avatar item-icon-right"><img ng-if="item._createdBy.avatar" ng-src="{{ item._createdBy.avatar }}"/><img ng-if="!item._createdBy.avatar" ng-src="images/user.png"/>
          <h2>{{ item._createdBy.username }}</h2>
          <p>{{ item._createdAt | date:'dd-MM-yyyy  HH:mm'}}</p>
        </div><img ng-src="{{ item.thumb }}" class="full-image"/>

We have tried to use collection-repeat instead of ng-repeat with no luck.
Would it be possible to implement collection-repeat for ion-slide?
Would this improve the performance compared to ng-repeat?

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Any update on this topic?

Any update on this topic ?

+1 We are having similar issues

My advice, go with some 3rd party content scroller or carousel. Ionic transition animations are mediocre at best, though Ionic 2 fares much better (almost native like).