Click Svg Problem on Windows 10 UWP ionic app

Hi, I found a problem (may be a bug but just only happens on windows platform ionic app) on my windows 10 uwp project.

<svg ng-click="click()" xmlns="" width="30" height="30"  viewBox="0 0 50 50">
      <g stroke="gray" fill="gray" data-reactid=".0.0">
                <use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="#icon-download"></use>

If svg contains , will throw exception.

If svg like this, will work fine.

I am not sure where is the problem from, windows 10 or ionic?

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Having the same issue, has this been resolved? I’m trying to force preventDefault on the event to terminate ignoreScrollStart (which is the culprit) but have not been successful.

It’s Windows 10 only, and the error thrown is that the element does not have a getAttribute method.