Click events broken in nightly (1.0.0-rc.0-nightly-1142) on iOS

After I updated the nightly, click events are no longer being fired on iphone. Ionic elements that leverage their own touch events seem to work fine but my links that just have an href="#/myRoute or anything with an ng-click dont fire the events. Works fine in chrome but if you use the chrome dev tools to go into iphone5 emulation mode, it breaks. Also broken on actual iphone. Is anyone else experiencing this?

looks like it has something to do with some new dependencies that were added to the bower.json

    "angular-aria": "1.3.13",
    "angular-messages": "1.3.13",
    "angular-mocks": "1.3.13",
    "angular-scenario": "1.3.13"

Shouldn’t these just be dev dependencies?

UPDATE: after a little more troubleshooting I narrowed it down to this one:
"angular-scenario": "1.3.13"

yep, i think angular-mocks and angular-scenario are for testing purposes.

Should I write up an issue on github to move those out of dependencies into dev-dependencies? @max

Reverted via

@andy Thank you sir!!!