CLI and project version


What is the impact of using an Ionic CLI version which does not corrospond with the project version?

We are currently building an app in Ionic, which we initiated before the release of Ionic 2. Since the project is educational, it’s not advantageous for us to upgrade to Ionic 2. Nevertheless we upgraded all global packages and experienced several quirks when building the application.

When updating the Cordova CLI past 6.0.0, the build process for Ionic 1 breaks in certain places like building plugins, splashscreen and icons. Now, getting back from Cordova 6+ is no problem, but downgrading a version 2.1 Ionic cli to the 1.7.6, which we initially used is much more intricate and presents obscure errors with packages such as node-gyp and node-sass, which out project has absolutely no relation to - and never had.

This circles me back to my initial question, seeing as Cordova 6+ doesn’t go well with Ionic 1. How does version 2 of the Ionic CLI affect an Ionic 1 build process and general project? - If at all

We are uncertain if there are any errors in this regard, but we are experiencing a few inexplicable errors when building to IOS like massive initialization times for events such as IonicPlatform.ready and ‘deviceready’, although the application essentially runs smoothly after the fact.

Any insight is appreciated.