Chat app in Ionic with Parse as Backend


I would like to build a chat app in Ionic 5 with Parse as a Backend. I did not find any tutorial or example how to build a chat app with parse. Especially I would like to have a 1-1 chat app.
I hope, that someone could help me because I do not know what to do else. I thought about switching to Firebase, but I would like to try it in Parse.

It’s a little outdated, but here’s a course for you: Getting Started with Ionic v2/v3 and Parse Server | Udemy

Ionic 5 is different than Ionic 3, but the information/concepts should translate over. You could learn the general concepts of how Ionic and Parse works from this, and then do it in the latest versions of each.

This course is more up-to-date but it looks more like a quick overview than a detailed tutorial: